About Us

Who are we?



We are a young couple with 4 children. My wife and I decided to move to Puerto Vallarta in 2011 to raise our kids in our Mexican Culture. We are both born in Mexico from State of Mexican and Michoacán.  We moved to Puerto Vallarta because we fall in love with the weather. We were raised in Chicago, Illinois and after years of the brutal winters we decided to get down south like many of you do. We built this small building Casa Delfin Azul in a typical Mexican neighborhood primarily because we did not wanted to be by all the tourist traffic but yet still be very close to downtown. We had a good opportunity to buy this land so we took the chance and after 3 years we finally open doors to our guests. The building is composed by 6 Apartments, full top terrace or patio if you will, full ground floor garage with a studio and a small swimming pool in the first floor.

As I mentioned before we have 4 children, Dany , Alan Aileen and Ethan. Each of them has their own apartment something they can inherit in the future. We live in the building so we are available to help out tenants with usual questions, where do I go to do this? What bus can I take? etc. We enjoyed meeting new people and have guests stay at our home.

I myself and a Software Engineer. I mostly run my business from home. I am passionate helping business use Technology to help solve business problems.

My wife Estephany is a teacher, excellent mom and a wife. She is very passionate helping others especially children.

If you would like to connect with us, don’t hesitate to send us an email.